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"The study of God's word, for the purpose of discovering God's will, is the discipline which has formed the greatest characters." - James W. Alexander

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To engage with people throughout the world in the study of the Bible.

To share the good news of salvation by the grace of God through Christ.

To help congregations increase their membership involvement and effectiveness in evangelism.

To help seekers and disciples develop lasting relationships with local churches and Christians.

There are several ways you and your church family can support and partner with us in this ministry:
1. Pray for our ministry.
Please join us in prayer thanking God for blessing us with a ministry that continues to grow more and more every year.
Thousands visit our website every month, and we get to conduct Bible studies with a great many of them. Our domain name,, has proven to be quite valuable as evidenced by the large number of people who keep trying to buy it. The major search engines continue to place our site at or very near the top of their lists. The most common key phrase search made by people is "bible lessons," and when people do so, they are statistically far more likely to arrive at our site than at any other site on the web. is currently ranked #1 on Yahoo, #1 on Bing, #1 on Google, #1 on AOL Search, and #1 on AltaVista. No wonder we get so many visitors to our site! As a result, our inbox overflows with emails from people who want to learn more from the Bible about the true riches found only in Christ. Please pray that we will continue to be blessed with opportunities to share the gospel with people throughout the world.
2. Promote our website and lessons.
We hope you'll let everyone know about our site and ministry. If you have a personal or church website, please
insert a link to Encourage your fellow church members to become acquainted with the lessons, and suggest they refer others to this site to learn more about what the Bible teaches on these subjects. Let people know that they are welcome to email us to further discuss these issues, but we hope you'll take the opportunity to open the Bible with these folks and personally study together. We know of many who use our site as a stepping stone to develop their own ministries and opportunities to share the gospel.
3. Prepare to help conduct home Bible studies with people who live nearby.
When people visit, one of the first things they see is an offer to receive a personal in-home Bible study with a local Christian. Many are emailing us to take advantage of this offer, so we're constantly contacting nearby congregations, asking them to
help in conducting these home Bible studies. The more you promote this website and ministry, the more Bible study requests we will receive from your area. Whenever we receive such requests, we will call or email you with the name and contact information. (Please let us know if you have a specific person at your congregation you'd like for us to contact.)
You can conduct these Bible studies using whatever course of study you prefer. You are free to use material from if you wish, but you may have other preferred methods. The purpose of this ministry is not to promote any particular method of evangelism, but rather to provide tools and opportunities to
help others bring people to Christ and to grow local churches. All we ask it that you please keep us informed of your progress. We continually care and pray for every person who is touched by our ministry.
4. Participate in discussions on our Facebook page.
While we've been writing and doing Bible studies for a number of years, we're still new to the social networking world. There's no denying, however, that sites like Facebook are turning out to be a great tool to reach people. We recently set up a Facebook page with some basic info, but we
need people to help contribute good content. We invite you to visit the page, browse through the discussion topics, and share your thoughts and comments. Ask questions. Start new topics. Encourage others to participate. Our Facebook page is there to provide a public forum to discuss what the Bible teaches on a variety of issues. As the Bible says, "Come, let us reason together" (Isaiah 1:18).
5. Provide financial support so our ministry can continue.
When Jesus sent forth His apostles to spread the word, He told them to take nothing with them in their travels and to rely on the kindness of others. Paul frequently worked to help support himself, but the time came when he needed the financial support of others so he could devote his time entirely to spreading the gospel (Acts 18:5).
As this ministry continues to grow, and as the amount of emails and requests for Bible studies continues to increase, so also must we devote more and more time to do all the work that needs to be done. And so, like Paul, we too
now need the financial support of others so that we can devote ourselves fully to sharing the good news.
We don't allow advertising on our site, and we don't charge for anything we do or provide. Our only funding comes from free-will offerings from Christians and churches who appreciate the good work being done and who want to help this ministry to continue. The more financial support we receive, the more time we're able to give, and therefore the more people we're able to reach.
To donate by check, please make it payable to Bible Lessons Ministry, and mail it to Rose Hill Church of Christ, ATTN: Bible Lessons Ministry, 7479 Old Moon Road, Columbus, Georgia 31909. Please also send us an email letting us know of your decision to partner with us in our ministry.
Won't you please become a Ministry Partner and help us to do God's work? May God bless you as you strive to serve Him and to be a blessing to others.

Copyright © 1998-2017. Bible Lessons Worldwide Ministry. Bob Williams. Columbus, Georgia. Permission is granted to any teacher or preacher to use these lessons to the glory of God. Thanks to generous soul-loving partners, there is never a charge for anything offered by this ministry.

Bob Williams is the pulpit minister for the Rose Hill Church of Christ in Columbus, Georgia. He is an alumnus of York College in York, NE (1977-1979), Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, TN (1982-1985), and Harding University Graduate School of Religion in Memphis, TN (1986-1990). Since its inception in 1998, thousands of people throughout the world visit every month, and Bob is privileged to conduct in-depth Bible studies with a great many of them.